Assorted Board Pack 19pcs

Assorted Tasmanian Blackwood Board Pack 

Pack of rich & dark Tasmanian Blackwood. 

19 boards in total of various widths & thicknesses.


658mm x 180mm x 24mm
858mm x 177mm x 25mm
660mm x 197mm x 25mm
805mm x 192mm x 22mm
567mm x 190mm x 20mm
632mm x 200mm x 25mm
700mm x 198mm x 24mm
640mm x 197mm x 24mm
673mm x 200mm x 22mm
785mm x 195mm x 25mm
450mm x 210mm x 22mm
620mm x 219mm x 22mm
640mm x 224mm x 23mm
630mm x 224mm x 23mm
790mm x 224mm x 23mm
780mm x 229mm x 25mm
705mm x 224mm x 22mm
660mm x 215mm x 24mm
750mm x 245mm x 22mm