Tas Oak & Myrtle Pack 300mm+


Selection of seven Burls, four Tasmanian Oak & three Tasmanian Myrtle.

Beautiful burls that show a range of the differing types of feature found in these gorgeous timbers. A range of sizes included.

Each Burl Measures:

#TO1 - 770mm long x 570mm wide x 50mm thick
#TO2 - 430mm long x 400mm wide x 35mm thick
#TO3 - 540mm long x 390mm wide x 30mm thick
#TO4 - 510mm long x 390mm wide x 30mm thick
#M1 - 450mm long x 350mm wide x 40mm thick
#M2 - 350mm long x 320mm wide x 30mm thick
#M3 - 615mm long x 470mm wide x 40mm thick