Huon Pine Giant Birds Eye Slab : $ 12,000 inc GST

Huon Pine giant slab with Figuring and Birds Eye feature throughout.

Absolutley beautiful, in fantastic condition, dry, sanded and ready to use 

Based on it's size it is from the era before " The Dark Ages " meaning around 2000 years old ! 

The log it came from was recovered from the Gordon River in Western Tasmania, and when slabbed up it contained 8 slabs - this is the last !

Two of the others grace a well known Tasmanian Distillery.

This Slab represents a long by-gone era where this size Huon could be obtained, but not now, it is all but gone into history.

It measures :  4.4 metres in length and 50 mm in thickness, the widths vary as can be seen in the photos.

From left to right : 200 mm - 850 mm - 1040 mm - 550 mm - 760 mm 

This Slab is shown using water to bring out the grain so it appears darker than the others in the photos ( they are no longer available ) 

$ 12,000 inc GST 




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