Huon Pine solid re-cycled chunk/mantlepiece/slab $ 1,150 SOLD

Huon Pine solid heavy chunk

This awesome resurrected half slab of Huon has amazing character

It is both rustic and re-cycled cut from part of a wharf on Macquarie Harbour

Originally these huon logs washed out of the Gordon River into the Harbour

Some were used for ship building by Convicts on Maria Island other pieces went to various buildings and structures including wharves 

Parts of the original Huon wharf on Maria Island are still evident under the water 150 years on

We think this would make a superb Mantlepiece but it could also be re-sawn into boards and it would make a lovely table top

It has scattered Birds Eye feature as a bonus

Measures : 2200 mm long x 240 - 300 mm wide x 75 mm thick yes 75 mm thick

$ 1,150 inc GST



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